Wednesday, August 17, 2005

emmaboda 13th of august 2005

i had a great weekend in the forests of småland.
the gig went ok i guess, i was quite nervous,
hung over, and drank lot´s of coffe right
before i went on that big, frightening stage.

the coffe didn't help a bit.

although, the gig being already at 1:45 pm,
1-200 people showed up. thank you everyone!

  1. intro / lovecraft - the vaselines
  2. 1992
  3. buzzing like bumblebees on speed
  4. hesitate in love
  5. she said
  6. someone special
  7. a little love
  8. louise dyer

extra special thanks to jerry boman for the photos found below
(copyright 2005)

"Lördagens första band som Punkten går och ser är Thehelpmeplease som är Jonas Johnsson från Göteborg när han sjunger och spelar fantastisk lo-fi-pop till förinspelade bakgrunder. Sångerna handlar mestadels om tjejer och obesvarad kärlek, men till skillnad från många andra som sjunger låtar på samma tema (t.ex. The Sunshine från igår som presenterade en låt med att säga nåt i stil med ”Nu ska vi spela ett gäng låtar som handlar om tjejer”), så gör han det väldigt uppriktigt och känslosamt. Han sjunger inte direkt tekniskt fulländat och är ingen större scenestradör, men just själva ärligheten i det han sjunger gör honom hundra gånger häftigare än band som mest poserar och försöker vara häftiga (läs The Sunshine). Att låtarna också är briljanta små lo-fi-poplåtar gör ju inte saken sämre direkt."


  • hello Jonas, here it's Enzo from Bologna, Italy. I am the one on the left on your first picture above :-)
    I really enjoyed your concert and bought a couple of your cds (the last one and "buzzing like bumblebees"). I will play them on the radio next weeks for sure, I'll let you know :)
    Me and my friends took some pictures, you can find them here
    see you soon!

    By Blogger ebi, at 11:41 AM  

  • oh, thank you enzo!
    i´m glad you liked the gig, i kinda thought it was awful at times, but what the hell. it was early in the afternoon, at an festival ;)

    thank you for the link! you guy´s really took a lot of pictures! :)

    cool to be played on italian radio, it would be even cooler if you could send me an mp3 or something from that radio thing ;)

    again, thank you!

    all the best, cheers! / jonas

    By Blogger thehelpmeplease, at 10:40 PM  

  • Hello Jonas! as I wrote on the Rassle forum, the little radio special about the Emmaboda Festival will be tomorrow night, starting at 9 p.m.(swedish hour). You can listen to it on-line here: (and then click on the ´on air´ button to open the streming). Otherwise, saturday I will upload the mp3 on my radio archive:
    We are going to play the records of the bands we discovered in Emmaboda and we will interview Alessandro from Le Man Avec Les Lunettes.
    Unfortunately all the programme it´s in italian, and I guess it could sound boring, but the music will be just great, and I think I will try to say hello to all our friends up in Sweden in my poor english.
    ciao! :))

    By Blogger ebi, at 4:24 PM  

  • greatness! :)

    By Blogger thehelpmeplease, at 10:49 AM  

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